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Chef at Work


The F&B industry in Egypt and the MENA region needs aid when it comes to operational expenses and initial investments. Due to the high amount needed in both those areas, food brands are failing and are struggling to reach profitability. That’s why we the founders decided to go into the market, helping the food brands expand, grow and profit with no operational or initial investment.


Below is an overview of our services, showcasing the diverse range of culinary offerings, efficient food delivery, and exceptional customer experiences that our cloud kitchen brings to the table.

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We Cook

Preparing and cooking food for delivery/takeout, managing kitchen operations, and maintaining food safety.

Food Packaging

We Package

Properly packaging food for delivery, maintaining food quality and ensuring compliance with food safety standards.

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We Deliver

Responsible for delivering food to customers promptly and safely, preserving food quality during transportation.

Financial Report

We Report

Maintaining detailed and accurate records of kitchen operations and providing regular updates to stakeholders.


We Analyze

Analyzing and interpreting data to optimize kitchen operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve overall performance.

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Equipment Used

Chef’s House kitchen is custom engineered and tailored for maximum food quality and safety. The equipment is designed and tailored for the maximum benefit of the operating brands. We ensure, through our equipment, that as a brand owner you will find the highest levels of consistency in food prep and quality.

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Experienced Team

45+ years of experience in Restaurant management, Kitchen development, Business management, development, and strategy. Our team is in perfect harmony to design the leading Cloud Kitchen in Africa with the sole purpose of providing a healthier business environment for brand owners and better food quality and consistency for the end consumer.

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Delivery Standards

We care so much about delivering the perfect experience. In the light of this, we utilize multiple options to ensure the best experience. Your food will delivered with either Chef’s House fleet or through big food aggregators in Egypt.



Together we will plan your brand expansion.

Save Money

Brand owner gets to invest ZERO in operations while completely focusing on marketing and brand expansion.

Experienced Team

Years of experience in Restaurant management, Kitchen development, Business management and strategy.

Tailored Equipement

All the equipment in the Chefs House kitchen is custom engineered and tailored for maximum food quality and safety.

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