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Chefs House and Chef's Studios Announce
Strategic Partnership at Inaugural F&B Summit, Egypt

Chefs House Cloud Kitchens Pte. Ltd. and Chefs’ Studios have joined forces creating a strategic partnership agreement during Egypt's inaugural F&B Summit. The collaboration aims to revolutionize brand expansion and development practices within the Food & Beverages sector in Egypt.

The agreement was signed by Chef Mohamed Salah, Co-founder & F&B Director of Chefs’ Studios, and Bola Shafik, CFO & Cofounder of Chefs House, in the presence of Moustafa Wahdan, CEO & Founder of Chefs House, Shereen El-Etreby, CEO of Chefs’ Studios, and Chef Amani Mokhtar, Operational Director & Co-founder of Chefs Studios. This highlights their commitment to fostering innovation and excellence throughout the industry.

The partnership will provide comprehensive consulting services, including but not limited to; go-to-market strategies, staff training, menu development, operational manuals, branding strategies, customer segmentation, and market research. Participating brands will gain accelerated access to Chefs House network of kitchens across Cairo, optimizing revenue streams and exposure to the Egyptian market.

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